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2019 Dynasty Showcase Player Registration


Welcome to the 2019 Dynasty Showcase Player Registration

Please complete the registration for 2018 Dynasty Showcase.  Your registration will consist of two options for payment.


Payment Option #1:
Full Price of $1,170 paid in full at registration completion.


Payment Option #2:
$1,170 paid in 7 installments


Payment 1: $150 down payment at registration 

Payment 2: $170 payment drafted on January 15th.

Payment 3: $170 payment drafted on February 15th.

Payment 4: $170 payment drafted on March 15th.

Payment 5: $170 payment drafted on April 15th.

Payment 6: $170 payment drafted on May 15th.

Payment 7: $170 payment drafted on June 15th.



If you have any questions, please email or call Tony Bender.

Thank you for playing Dynasty Baseball.


Please direct questions to:

Tony Bender

Director of Dynasty Showcase

Phone: 281-910-5937